Organizing Committee

      • General Chair
        Jun Murai (Keio University, Japan)
      • TPC Co-Chairs
        Jin Mitsugi (Keio Univeristy, Japan)
        Kei Sakaguchi (Fraunhofer HHI / Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      • IEEE Liaison
        Gregory Durgin (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
      • Auto-ID & Communications Expo. Liaison
        Shuji Yokota (JAISA, Japan)
      • Financial Chair
        Tatsuya Inaba (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
      • Workshop Chair
        Shigeya Suzuki (Keio University, Japan)
      • Publicity Co-Chairs
        Yusuke Kawakita (University of Electrical Communications, Japan)
        Christopher Valenta (Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA)
      • Publication Chair
        Yuki Sato (Keio University, Japan)
      • Technical Program Track Chairs:
        Industrial applications and pilot experiments:  Florian Michahelles (Siemens, USA)
        Linked Data and RFID information system:  Mark Harrison (UK)
        Networking and Communications protocol: Daeyoung Kim (KAIST, Korea)
        Energy Harvesting for Active RFID and Sensors: Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto University, Japan)
        Localization and its applications: See Ho Ting (Ruckus Wireless, USA)
        Printable Electronics and Chipless RFID: Yoshihiro Kawahara (Tokyo University, Japan)
      • Poster Chair
        Kohei Mizuno (NTT Laboratory, Japan)
      • Social Chair
        Kimiko Ishikawa (Keio University, Japan)
      • Student Volunteer Chair:
        Daiki Maehara (Tokyo Tech, Japan)
      • Local Arrangements:
        ICS Convention Design (Japan)