Best Paper and Poster Winners

During an entertaining conference banquet on September 17, the best paper, best student paper, and best posters were announced.

Best Paper Award

  • Towards Pervasive Soil Moisture Sensing using RFID Tag Antenna-Based Sensorsazhar
    • Azhar Hasan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Georgia Institute of Technology, USA:  Currently National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan); Rahul Bhattacharyya (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA); Sanjay Sarma (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)




Best Student Paper Awardamato

  • Long range and low powered RFID tags with tunnel diode:
    • Francesco Amato (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Christopher Peterson (Georgia Institute of Technlogy, USA); Muhammad Bashir Akbar (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, USA)





Gold Poster Award4.poster-gold

  • Near-Field Tag-Antenna-Based Presence Sensing with Object-Identification: 
    • Wataru Hattori (NEC Corporation, Japan); Kiyohiko Takahashi (NEC Corp., Japan); Ryo Kawai (NEC Corporation, Japan); Yusuke Takahashi (NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., Singapore); Shinichi Mikami and Daichi Shimohata (NEC Engineering, Ltd., Japan)



3.poster-silverSilver Poster Award

  • Measuring User-Object Interactions in IoT Space:
    •  Raúl Parada (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain); Joan Melià-Seguí (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain); Anna Carreras, Marc Morenza-Cinos and Rafael Pous (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain)