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Conference closed

RFID-TA 2015 in Tokyo was successfully closed. Thank you very  much for your participation. Please see some highlights in our conference photos. We will see you all in Shunde, China next year .

Best Paper and Poster Winners

During an entertaining conference banquet on September 17, the best paper, best student paper, and best posters were announced. Best Paper Award Towards Pervasive Soil Moisture Sensing using RFID Tag Antenna-Based Sensors:  Azhar Hasan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Georgia Institute of Technology, USA:  Currently National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan); Rahul Bhattacharyya (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA); Sanjay Sarma (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)       Best Student Paper Award Long range and low powered RFID tags with tunnel diode: Francesco Amato (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Christopher Peterson (Georgia Institute of Technlogy, USA); Muhammad Bashir Akbar (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, USA)        

Best Paper Nominations

RFID-TA 2015 received 67 paper registrations and 55 paper submissions. After a rigorous double-blind review process by the 50 technical program committee members (3.02 reviews/paper), 29 papers were finally accepted giving an acceptance ratio of 52%. Of those 29 papers, the following 3 were nominated for best paper award: Balance Codes for More Throughput in RFID and Backscatter Links: Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, USA) Towards Pervasive Soil Moisture Sensing using RFID Tag Antenna-Based Sensors: Azhar Hasan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Rahul Bhattacharyya (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA); Sanjay Sarma (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) Development and Evaluation of a Ground Coil Monitoring System Using Semi-Passive Sensor Tags; Minoru Tanaka (Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan) Additionally,

Registration is Open!

Registration for IEEE RFID-TA has opened! Please check our Registration Page for information on the registration process. Some conference highlights include: Workshop on Wireless Power Transfer Two days of technical presentations Keynote talks by Mr. Keita SHIMANUKI, Senior Executive Officer of Logistic Business at Rakuten and Mr. Ram RAMPALLI, Global Head of Content Acquisition at @WalmartLabs Roundtable discussion – ‘How can we leverage information communications technology in supply chain management and marketing?’ Special joint session with the Auto-ID Expo – “Personal information protection in IoT era – Japanese regulations, Food labeling, and Healthcare” This session will be held in Japanese. Conference banquet at the Washington Hotel Ariake Co-location with the 17th AutoID

Identifying, Empowering and Connecting Things

The power of internet commerce has revolutionized the ways which we buy and sell goods. These digital transactions transcend geography and allow anybody to buy and sell items across the globe. However, the logistics associated with this new, international supply chain require additional oversight to ensure successful delivery. Technology is essential in identifying these goods throughout the transportation process. Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) is uniquely suited to fill this technological gap as it provides visibility to management in making decisions regarding product routing.  This logistical clarity along with new developments in sensing and ubiquitous connectivity allow RFID to become an essential tool for both government and industry. The sixth annual IEEE conference on RFID Technology and